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Stock Market Picks – Financial News – Business Updates – April 15, 2015

Stock Market Picks – Financial News – Business Updates – April 15, 2015, – Stock market news and financial updates at your finger tips.

It’s another week, and that means it’s another opportunity for investors to earn some serious money!

Last week was a great week for investors, with markets rising and our own hot stock picks outperforming. This week got off to a slow start for investors, though many of our hot stock picks have been gaining ground none-the-less.

We expect markets to continue to rise as corporate earnings and economic indicators continue to roll in. If you’re looking to get in on the action, you should consider some of our hot stock picks.

Dataram jumped over seven and a half percent on Monday, and is up over thirty percent for the year. The company’s turn around efforts under new CEO Dave Moylan are already paying dividends.

Even after these huge gains, we believe Dataram has plenty more upside. If you’re looking for a hot tech stock, make sure you give Dataram a close look.

Another great tech stock is LiveDeal. This hot mobile search engine continues to show plenty of promise as the company expands outside of deals on food to deals on a wider range of products.

LiveDeal should continue to emerge as one of the Internet’s leading solutions for cheap deals. As more goods are sold, the company’s bottom line will continue to grow at a record pace, and that’s good news for investors.

Looking for an investment outside of the tech industry? With consumer confidence remaining high and incomes on the rise, we believe now is a good time to get back into the retail sector.

Our favorite retailer is Williams-Sonoma. This upscale retailer should reap all the benefits of the increasing fortunes of America’s wealthiest families.

We believe Williams-Sonoma offers a great opportunity to get into retail without have to worry about the risks of big box retailers, like Walmart.,

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