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Keeping an Eye Open at all Times | Audio Visual

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In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to see CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment strategically placed outside of homes and business premises. They provide that added bit of security and peace of mind to property owners; and even the warning of their presence is enough to deter most criminals. But there are times when CCTV cameras may not be enough, and as technologies advance, so too does the confidence of criminals. Here’s a look at some of the best CCTV accessories and deterrents that can be installed in and around a home.

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Bullet Cameras

The IP bullet camera is a great addition to any home or property. It’s white, making it easily noticeable by anyone considering trespass, and as it can be connected to a home network via IP; it’s all but impossible to hack and possesses no wires at all. It is battery powered and can be attached to any wall, doorway or ceiling, and once installed, it’s a simple process of connecting the camera/s to your recording device.

Wall Brackets

There are times where a CCTV camera can be screwed in to a wall directly, but the preferred method is to use a bracket. Using a bracket will ensure that the camera remains securely in place at all times, as well as reducing damage that can sometimes occur when attaching a camera directly to a flat surface. They are very cheap (coming in at under $20 each), and can be fitted within door frames and corners with ease.

Network Video Recorders

In the past, trespassers and criminals were often able to cut through a CCTV cable to stop any recording from taking place. These days, it’s far more likely for a CCTV set up to be wireless – and the best way to reinforce this benefit is with a wireless network video recorder. There are several models available – all of which come complete with relevant Ethernet ports to allow for direct access to an internal home network. Once connected, these devices will record all activity in real time and play back can be performed with the press of a button.

It’s also possible to arrange multiple channels for recording, which means that more than one camera can be connected at a time (certain models allow up to 16 camera connections). With the option to connect wirelessly, or via cable – the sheer volumes of data that can be recorded are second to none. Weeks and weeks of recording time can be stored for review, and when it’s time to replace the data, the video recorder has options to overwrite.

Choosing the right surveillance equipment for your home is very important; especially as there is such a wide variety on the market. When choosing your surveillance accessories, be sure to opt for those that suit your home or properties layout, and remember that larger premises may require a broader Wi-Fi coverage when using IP or wireless cameras and recorders.

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