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There are plenty of platforms online that bring these white hat hackers and paying businesses together – and the latter are often very grateful to be able to employ the services of these individuals in a bid to increase their security. So how does the testing process work exactly and what makes it different to the real thing?

How To Beef Up Your Website Security

Well, it’s all about the manner in which the ethical hacker practices their skillset. In most instances, a business will sign up to a website and then offer a bounty to these experts should they discover any faults and failures within a website’s infrastructure. The hackers will then go about using their best resources in an attempt to gain entry to a site’s internal data and if they are successful, they can then report their findings back to the website owner in return for a reward.

These rewards can be as little as $100 for discovering a minor bug, or glitch, all the way to $5000+ if they manage to discover a genuine flaw that could have been exploited by a criminal, or typical hacker. This collaboration allows businesses to better protect their websites and data from unsavoury characters, whilst providing a platform for ethical hackers to make cash in return for their efforts.

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