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Marc Gafni Mystery Of Love – serialization

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Marc Gafni, one of today’s most visionary scholars, spiritual teachers, and spiritual artists, who is teaching an Enlightenment of Fullness for the rising dawn of the 21st century has started to serialize his book Mystery Of Love online at Here is an excerpt from the publication:

The truly great dancer is a great lover who flows with the fullness of being. She trusts the universe. She knows she will always fall right so she allows herself to fall into the erotic rhythm of life. To do so she must first empty herself to receive the flow. The word ‘dance’ in the original Hebrew is Mechol.

It has two virtually opposite meanings. Mechol is etymologically identical with the word Challul which means empty. From here springs the Hebrew word Mechila –forgiveness. Forgiveness comes from the ability to empty myself to receive the fullness of wonder, complexity and imperfection of another.

Mechol however also means Chalah-fullness – used in the biblical myth text to describe the erotic fullness of a pregnant woman. .

You can read the full serialization, as it is published day by day at Marc Gafni organisation. 21 April 2015.

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