2 Bafta Awards

Only a couple weeks to go until the Children’s BAFTA Awards and we can very proudly announce that we have been nominated for not one but TWO gongs!

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Production Company of the Year award; this is the first time that an interactive company has been nominated in this category, so we are thrilled to be flying the flag for the industry.

We’ve worked on some really exciting projects this year and the award recognizes all the hard work the team have put in to creating some brilliant games and apps – let’s hope 2012 ends with this most coveted prize!

We’ll also be crossing our fingers that Tree Fu Tom performs some of his magic in the Interactive Award Category. The game, which accompanies the CBBC show uses cutting edge webcam technology, storytelling and exciting gameplay to help encourage kids explore movement by performing magic spells and participating in interactive adventures.

The ceremony pays tribute to the best kids content in the land and we face stiff competition in both our categories. Can we add to our 3 BAFTAs already sitting in our awards cabinet? Watch this space….

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Out With the Old and In With the New

               Technology is always changing. The change is relentless, from those blocky old analog televisions that made people actually have to get up to change channels, to thick and heavy memory cards that were most commonly used for old consoles. In this day and age, keeping up to date with the latest technology has become a priority for some people and a struggle for others. So what should you do if you’re in the middle of those two types of people and just want to have a good range of hardware around your home? Well let’s take a look at a few of the easiest things to upgrade.


First of all, your television stand is pretty old school. Of course some of us might recall the days where televisions didn’t have stands; they relied on their gigantic blocky mass to keep them upright, but what about the time between then and now? Television stands were a great way to stick your TV on a table or desk, but then where does everything else go? Well that’s where a TV wall mount comes in handy.


TV wall mounts aren’t too expensive and you’ll normally be able to find a model that matches your television exactly. The only thing that you’ll need other than your  TV wall mount, is a set of reliable TV wall mount brackets. These wall mount brackets are what will hold your television securely on the wall, so don’t go for anything less than ideal for the weight of your TV. If this sounds like a good idea to you, get rid of that classical stand and free up some space today.


Another common piece of hardware is the trusty cable. Without these beauties, your monitor won’t be viewable, your television will remain blank and even your internet will be stuck on an error screen. There are all sorts of cables that you can upgrade and replace your current batch with. Take HDMI cables for example; they’re ideal for replacing RGB, S-Video and even Scart sockets. The upgrade also means that you’ll have a much better picture quality for television, movies and everything in between.


Network cables are also becoming a thing of the past. We don’t mean those nifty new ones, but those chunky, old fashioned ones that connect computers to each other in a home or office. If you’re looking for a better alternative, why not try an Ethernet cable? They plug in directly to your Ethernet slot on your PC, console or TV and they can carry plenty more data than the old fashioned network cables.


For all of the above pieces of equipment and plenty more, why not visit WagnerOnline.com.au today? They specialize in all of your hardware, software and technological tools, all at some of the greatest prices on the market. You could literally revamp your entire home in the click of a few buttons, so make the most of their special offers and products while stocks last!



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Illustrator and Indesign Training

shopping_troll_promoHow to Get the Best Illustrator and Indesign Training

Because of the increasing significance of computer skills in our lives, many computer training institutions have mushroomed to take advantage of the burgeoning demand. Since some of these institutions may not have the capacity to provide more complex courses like indesign training effectively, it is important to know what to look for when enrolling in a computer training programme.

We discuss some of the most important things you should consider below

Skills and Experience of the Instructors

Skills and experience of the instructors is primarily what determines whether you get good indesign training or not. Instructors must be highly skilled in the areas they are mandated to teach and must also be accredited to handle those courses. If the college is not keen on making the profiles of instructors available for scrutiny, then something may be wrong somewhere.

Teaching Methodology

A good Indesign training programme should effectively cover both theoretical and practical aspects. After learning the skills theoretically, students should be exposed to the real world application of those skills.

Online or On-Campus Training

The traditional training classroom is the fastest and most effective way to learn especially when it comes to fairly advanced training like illustrator training. Studies have shown that trainees who choose classroom training over online training acquire more knowledge and develop better skills, and are more likely to finish their training.

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How Much Does a Mobile App Cost?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

This question is all over the web. The answer? Maybe a little, maybe a lot, maybe an awful lot.

The consensus seems to be that using traditional development methods, if you budget anything less than $20K – $50K for a reasonably sophisticated app (database integration, use of phone features, etc.), then you are probably deceiving yourself. (That estimate would probably just cover one mobile platform…each one is different).

At DragonRAD we are bringing that cost down. Not down by a bit, but down by a lot. Database integration out of the box, multi-platform deployment, simple development environment…

Here are some resources you might wish to look at regarding development costs:

Neil Strother, Practice Director, Mobile Marketing Strategies and Mobile Services at ABI Research: “Current pricing for a mobile app ranges from $20,000 for a very basic application on up to $150,000 or more for a sophisticated one.” (Is an iPhone App Right for You?)

Nazmul Idris, President of mobile development company ScreamingToaster: How much should Android, BlackBerry, iPhone app development cost? Nazmul provides pretty detailed estimates drawn from his experience ranging from $10K to $200K on three different platforms.

A fascinating thread on stackoverflow in which real developers reveal the real cost of developing mobile apps (including a developer who worked on the “Obama App” and estimates the development cost at $50K – $150K, and a Twitterific developer who estimates their development cost at $200K).

Another interesting bit of information: The above estimates are probably from experienced mobile developers. According to a VisionMobile research report it takes from 5 months (Android) to 15 months (Symbian) to master a mobile platform!

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