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Market Direct Campers Release:10 websites changing the way we travel

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When you want to have a freewheeling trip there are many alternative ways to set up you holiday. Market Direct Campers in Australia have the perfect way to get around – but don’t ust stop there. Check out some more innovative ways to have a holiday and do it your way…

If you have space in your garden, why not charge travelers to camp in it?

Launched in April 2011 as a tool to link Wimbledon attendees with local private camping opportunities, the site quickly widened its scope and welcomed more than 1,300 hosts on every continent apart from Antarctica.

Its a great way for travelers to really get to know an area or even a whole new country — something that a commercial campsite is unlikely to do, explains community liaison Clare Fairburn.

The free-to-use website recently debuted many glamping options, like yurts, bell tents, shanties and shacks of all kinds. Many provide use of electrical outlets, meals and showers.

The host gets a small fee plus an appreciative guest who will usually share something of themselves.

Terms and conditions for all locations are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Here are 10 lesser known websites that are tapping into the sharing economy to forever change the way we travel around the globe.

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