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Political Times: Business leaders warn of ‘Brexit’ and Ukip civil war ceases

Political Times: Business leaders warn of ‘Brexit’ and Ukip civil war ceases, his week two influential bodies threw their weight behind the “In” campaign ahead of the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

The CBI called on businesses to “speak out early” on remaining within the 28-member bloc while the Institute of Directors (IoD) told IBTimes UK that leaving the EU would be “disastrous”.

Simon Walker, IoD director-general said that the institute wouldn’t be supporting remaining in the EU “come what may” and argued that Britain should be concentrate on being a leading force for deregulation inside the bloc.

Meanwhile, Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan told IBTimes UK that the British public would more likely listen to “successful manufacturers” like JCB and Dyson on the EU issue rather than “disgraced banks”.

Hannan made the remarks after German lender Deutsche Bank launched a probe into whether to move its operations out of the UK in the event of a “Brexit”. The news came after JCB chairman Lord Bamford backed an exit from the EU.

The businessman, whose family has donated millions to the Tories, said Britain could exist outside of the union because of the country’s successful economy.

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