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Business Leaders Get Serious About Security | ControlScan

Business Leaders Get Serious About Security | ControlScan, Breaches are now commonly understood. We hear about them every week in the news, and with that companies are starting to talk about them in board rooms.

You could imagine a large company, just now, beginning to report on that kind of thing at the board level. Companies are taking today’s data breach environment very seriously because they understand the economic impact to their businesses, and more importantly to their brands.

Data is pervasive and it’s not under your control anymore. Which means that the security has to evolve as well, you’re really talking about security for this omnipresent data. You’ve got to ensure that you put in appropriate mechanisms, checks and balances to prevent and protect it.

There are a couple of forces at play that are causing businesses to really look at their security situation. One of them has to do with technological forces and one of the things we know is that companies are innovating all the time and there are many more devices at play than there were. But at the same time the bad guys are innovating and they are very organized, they are very agile and they’re also very patient, and the malware that they’re able to develop at this point is becoming much more sophisticated.

All of that coming together, the customer is innovating along with the bad guys innovating, is creating a very difficult situation for most businesses.

It is a combination of political, ideological and criminal enterprise that is actually leading to us seeing a whole lot of breaches out there in the open domain in the last couple of years.

Cyber criminals are the ones that we should be really careful about. They just want to make money. For each record that is getting breached, typically there is a price tag of hundreds of dollars.

There was a study that recently came out that said that 53% of the businesses didn’t even know they had a breach for a year or two. The impact of going for a year or two with your data being siphoned out can be catastrophic, not just for the business but let’s not forget about the consumer whose data is being stolen. Credit card data not as significant potentially as personal data that can have an impact on their lives.

There are two primary reasons why companies have to prevent breaches. Number one, nobody wants their name out for any bad reason. It’s brand awareness, they don’t want to associate their brand with a breach

Secondly, there’s lot of compliance in play here, such as HIPAA mandates Nobody wants to get hit with millions of dollars in fine if they’re not compliant.

I think many organizations, in order to deal with this huge problem that everyone recognizes, is going out and trying to cobble together solutions that ultimately leaves security gaps and also require them to have significant security expertise on staff. It’s getting harder and harder to hire people that understand and can evolve with the growing security threat, so for a business what do I select as the technology and then how do I staff appropriately in order to make it all work together.

So, the industry has evolved quite a bit that you don’t need all these different point solutions to be secure but you can essentially buy next generations firewalls or next generation Intrusion Prevention System that pretty much combines all these technology solutions to a single appliance. We’re bringing scale to the whole process. So that makes the management of this on an ongoing basis simpler.

If you are a retail firm you’re focused on selling stuff to their customers, not IT. But this is what ControlScan does day in and day out, we breath compliance and security.

From the moment you engage ControlScan we will have a security expert working with you either on the ground or on the phone or come to set up the security devices and set the policies and procedures to manage it appropriately over a period of time.

ControlScan acts as the one stop shop to which you can escalate all your security concerns. In other words, they become your trusted security advisor.

We have eyeballs on the problem around the clock and if there is an issue we have trusted and very well educated and well certified people who can help you address any problem that comes your way.,

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