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African Business Leaders Summit

African Business Leaders Summit, When the delegates gathered,several issues were looked into several breakaway sessions and the issues bothered on intra-african trade,leadership and business,women in leadership amongst others.

Soundbite:Richard Grozney Speaking(ENGLISH):

“If you really wanna know,we have a few points on our trade routes in Africa”.

Soundbite:Man Speaking (ENGLISH):

Soundbite:Woman Speaking(ENGLISH):

“In Nigeria,our current population says 48% of our population are women,why will i take 48% of my asset base and give it up? it osent make any sense to me as a business person.”

A common concensus among the participants is that African leaders across the continent must work together more efficiently to remove certain barriers in order to provide mainstream finance and overall finance the continent development as well as improve communication and transportation.

Soundbite:Woman Speaking(ENGLISH):

Soundbite:Guest Speaking(ENGLISH):

“NEPAD is a wonderful framework but wirthin the NEPAD framework i think more should be said about opening up trade relations between African countries now we all know the problems Africa has with exporting for example into Europe”.

Soundbite:Man Speaking(ENGLISH):

“Take our custom services in Africa today,we find very weak in most cases corrupt border officials instead of helping their citizenry to trade they are actually impeding them”.

The event is the 5th organised for business in Africa Group since 2002 and Everest Akhum the organisation’s Chief Executive sheds light on the objectives of the gathering.

Soundbite:Everest Akhum Speaking(ENGLISH):

“Bringing like mindedpeople together to be able to identify and bring solutions to the leadership challenges on the continent is critical,that is the initial success but that has rolled over in the last five years to be able to identify specific areas of concern”.

After much business,there was a gala night where Momo Couture shocased its designs.

Beyond the great speeches delivered is a resolve that the hundreds of participants to return to their countries to becomes vocal catalysts of change by pushing for the emergence of purposeful leadership in Africa at the end of trade barriers that have hindered intra-African trade.

From the Accra International Conference Centre here in Ghana,I am Mennor Nnwezeigwe rporting for CHANNELS TELEVISION NEWS
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