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Stock Market News – Business Updates – Financial News – December 19, 2014

Stock Market News – Business Updates – Financial News – December 19, 2014, Markets have been moving up and down all week, but if you’ve been following Stock Watch Weekly you’ll know that you need to keep a level head.

When markets sunk on Monday and Tuesday we told you to buy, and if you did you probably made big money when stocks began to rebound on Wednesday. Markets swing up and down, and investors who stay calm are often the most successful.

The economic indicators released this week were a bit tepid, but the housing market is continuing to show strength. American’s view of the economy is growing more and more optimistic, however, which should lead to increased consumer spending.

Meanwhile, the Fed is holding steady with its plans to gradually raise interest rates next year, but has made it clear that any such moves will depend upon the state of the global economy. This has helped boost investor confidence and should help American markets resist the downward pressure of the weak global economy.

But enough of that, let’s discuss some hot stock picks! One of our favorite hot stocks, Dataram, has been posting huge gains of five percent or more this week. We love Dataram because Isaac Capital Group, one of the world’s leading strategic investment firms, just bought up a huge chunk of shares in this company. Isaac Capital has already proven that it can deliver deliver results to investors.

And with the American economy heating up and consumer confidence growing, we love consumer stocks right now. Our favorite pick is LiveDeal, a hot mobile deal platform that allows people to quickly and easily find and redeem deals at local restaurants. Sign ups for its deal platform have grown by nearly six hundred percent in recent weeks and we believe LiveDeal’s stock will also post huge gains in the near future.

Looking for a blue chip buy? Consider Google. Right now shares are selling for only five hundred dollars after a large price decline. Some investors are nervous because Google is facing some legal challenges in Europe, but we believe that Google has everything under control and will post a rebound in the near future.,

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