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Business News – Financial News – Stock Market Updates – October 15th, 2014

Business News – Financial News – Stock Market Updates – October 15th, 2014, – Business and Stock Market News at Your Finger Tips

It’s be a rough few days for stock markets with indices suffering wild up and down swings.

The U.S. economy remains on firm footing, with unemployment continuing to drop, consumer spending rising, and companies generally reporting strong results.

Europe, on the other hand, has continued to slump with German exports dropping by 5.8 percent and year-over-year factory output across the region declining by 1.9 percent in August. Europe’s woes have made investors across the world nervous.

With the U.S. economy still going strong, however, we’re confident that Wall Street will continue to perform well even if it does suffer some occasional stumbles. That’s why we advise investors to pick up stocks now while they’re cheap.

One great stock you should add to your portfolio is LiveDeal. This hot tech company allows consumers to find great deals at nearby restaurants. The company continues to aggressively pursue expansion opportunities and is positioning itself for the future.

Over the last few months LiveDeal has launched a nation-wide advertising campaign, signed deals with several national chains, and continues to refine its products, including its mobile apps. So add LiveDeal to your portfolio now before stocks explode!

Another tech stock we love is Google. The online advertisement giant is one of the largest and most recognizable firms in the world. We love Google because recent legal woes in Europe have suppressed stock prices which have declined from nearly 0 in September to under 0 dollars.

While the company’s issues with European regulators may cause some short term pain, we are confident that Google will remain among the world’s most innovative firms. Google looks like a great long-term buy right now.

Finally, we believe that Microsoft will do well in the months ahead. The company’s up-coming Windows 10 operating system looks like a winner, and we believe that Microsoft tablets and PCs will sell well in the upcoming holiday season. Stocks have been suppressed over the last several days, so now is a good time to add Microsoft to your portfolio.

Risks remain in global markets, and especially in Europe. While there is a chance that the global economy could suffer a slow down, we believe that markets will continue to perform well through the holiday season. So make sure you consider adding stocks to your portfolio while prices are cheap!,

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