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The battle between the CML and the FSA – Property Investment News

The battle between the CML and the FSA – Property Investment News, We had a play in the new studio this week and you’ll notice I’ve been magically dropped onto the news articles… SCARY!! Let me know if this has increased your viewing pleasure. 🙂

Bank of England predicts inflation will be below its 2 per cent target by 2012. Also confirming the economy is well and truly on the road to recovery and with no double dip insight. What will this mean in terms of interest rates and the economy as a whole?

Find out why the CML and FSA aren’t meeting eye to eye? We’ll take a close look at some of CML’s thoughts on the mortgage market and work out if they make any sense.

Finally, we see house prices rise for the sixth successive month. Is this realistic or just another artificial price increase? And why Savills is bursting our bubbles by telling us their price fall predictions for 2010.

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