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Mining Stocks Out of Whack – Kitco News @ Metals & Minerals Investment Conference

Mining Stocks Out of Whack – Kitco News @ Metals & Minerals Investment Conference, Kitco News is covering the Metals and Minerals Investment Conference in New York City and discussed some of this year’s highlights and market conditions with Jonathan Moore, senior vice president of the show. Moore says this event has become “really special,” as people continue to digest what has happened recently in the commodities and mining sector. Moore says this conference will give people the opportunity to interact with key market players, who will provide some insight and talk about trends they see in the marketplace. Although mining stocks have been hit hard, Moore says there is still good value in this market, despite the fact that mining stocks are “out of whack” with commodity prices. He adds that these current price levels can create a lot of buying opportunity for investors. Moore highlights the guest speakers at the conference who include former presidential candidate, Ron Paul, who will present the conference’s key note speech.

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