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Online reputation management is more than cleaning up search results and maintaining a positive image for your business, it is about the proactive measures you take to ensure your reputation remains an asset that is built rather than taken for granted. Online reputation management (or ORM) is more than simply making sure that negative and sometimes misleading information does not show up in search engine results for a given keyword such as your business name. It goes much deeper and is designed to keep your name, logo and business description in front of your target audience. The ultimate goal is to help you grow your business by increasing your exposure in the marketplace.

In a nutshell, online reputation management involves the use of various strategies to monitor the reputation of a business, service or person. These strategies include assessing the reputation authority of the subject matter, monitoring the reputation elements of the subject matter including tone, format, and language used and identifying and analyzing the sources of reputation rumors or unflattering mentions. Once the sources are identified, corrective actions can be planned out or steps can be taken to mitigate the reputation impact. Corrective actions may involve a combination of communication with the subject matter’s name, removal of inaccurate information, rectifying or hiding unflattering information, and finally, building or rebuilding the reputation.

Online reputation management is an important aspect of business communications that cannot be ignored. Today, the Internet has become the world’s largest and most dynamic marketplace. When doing business, it is critical to build your brand by knowing your reputation and understanding your customer’s expectations. There are many ways to build a solid reputation and good reputation management services are designed to help you manage it. The first step is to identify your reputation issues and determine the best course of action to remedy them. Having a strong reputation not only increases your chances of doing business successfully, but it also makes you a desirable resource for potential clients and employees.

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