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WRAP Bush in roundtable meeting with business leaders ADDS palace visit

WRAP Bush in roundtable meeting with business leaders ADDS palace visit, SHOTLIST
1. Wide of roundtable meeting, zoom in to US President George W. Bush
2. SOUNDBITE: (English) George W. Bush, US President:
“I am George W. Bush, President of the United States. I thank you all for joining us.”
3. Mid of Saudi officials at roundtable, pan to Bush
al-Murabba Palace and National Museum
4. Wide of welcome ceremony before Bush arrives
5. Bush dancing with Saudi Prince Salman, brother of King Abdullah, while watching a traditional sword dance
6. Bush and Prince Salman walking inside the palace and stopping to look at a picture
7. Wide of people inside the palace
8. Bush laughing as he has a drink
9. Bush being given a tour of the Palace by Prince Salman
10. Courtyard
11. Bush walking into courtyard and eating some food
12. Bush and Saudi Prince Salman standing in the National Museum
US President George W. Bush on Tuesday nudged OPEC powerhouse Saudi Arabia and other cartel members to produce more oil, recognising that soaring prices are straining the US economy.
Bush said he is speaking with Saudi King Abdullah, whose nation holds the world’s largest oil reserves, about the situation that has seen the per-barrel price briefly top 100 US dollars this month and U.S. pump prices jump past 3 US dollars a gallon.
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries next meets February 1st in Vienna, Austria, to consider increasing output.
Bush spoke before a discussion at the US Embassy with Saudi entrepreneurs.
Later on Tuesday, Bush visited al-Murabba Palace and The National Museum, where he watched a traditional sword dance before being given a tour by king Abdullah’s brother, Prince Salman.
He was also invited to sample some food laid out in the courtyard of the building.
The president paused to look at a 136-year-old handwritten Quran that was opened to a page filled with gold and turquoise decorative script.
Afterward, he was travelling to Al Janadriyah Farm, the king’s country retreat where he maintains 150 Arabian stallions.
That trip repays the two visits that the king, while crown prince, made to Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, in 2002 and 2005.
Bush received a warm embrace from Abdullah upon his arrival in the kingdom Monday.
Among ordinary Saudis and across much of the Mideast, Bush is unpopular, particularly because of the Iraq war and unflinching U.S. Support for Israel. Bush and Abdullah were emphasising their strong personal ties.

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