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World Business Leaders: Rashik Parmar | London Business School

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About the speaker:
Rashik Parmar is President of IBM’s Academy of Technology and also a distinguished engineer.

During his twenty nine years of practical experience in IBM, he has worked for financial, retail and manufacturing clients on IT projects of all sizes. Overall, he specialises in ensuring the technical success of complex IT projects. He currently leading projects related to IBM’s Smarter Cities programme and development of techniques to drive industry level innovation.

Parmar is also IBM’s Partnership Executive for Imperial College – London. He is also an Adjunct Professor for Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Imperial College Business School and Visiting Professor to the Intelligent Systems and Networks Group at the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

Parmar spoke at London Business School’s 2014 Global Leadership Summit. Learn more:

In this video:
“Using data for innovation is one of the magic dreams that everyone has.” Parmar shares his views on tackling real-world problems and getting most out of data analysis.,

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