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To Be Frank Morsani, speak your mind, business leaders! INTERVIEW

To Be Frank Morsani, speak your mind, business leaders! INTERVIEW, Today’s Guest: Frank Morsani, businessman, philanthropist, author, “To Be Frank: Building the American Dream in Business and Life”

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FRANK MORSANI podcast excerpt: “I think it’s pathetic (that Donald Trump is the GOP standard bearer). It’s a tragedy on our system.”


8:25: Frank Morsani talks about how he picked himself up following his failure to land a Major League Baseball relocation or expansion franchise for the Tampa Bay area in the 1990s;

13:55: As a former Chairman of the Board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Morsani admits he has problems with many of the organization’s current political stances;

15:45: And as a lifelong Republican, Morsani calls the party’s turn to Donald Trump as its presidential nominee as “pathetic” and “a tragedy.”

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