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President Park meets APEC business leaders 박대통령, APEC 기업자문위원회와의 대화

President Park meets APEC business leaders

박대통령, APEC 기업자문위원회와의 대화, Ahead of today′s APEC summit in the Philippines, President Park Geun-hye had the opportunity to meet with business leaders from 21 participating nations at the annual APEC Business Advisory Council dialogue.
Our Hwang Sung-hee,… who is traveling with the president,… files this report from Manila.
President Park met with the APEC Business Advisory Council, the private sector′s voice in APEC.
The ABAC is made up of two or three business leaders from each APEC economy and the meeting has been held every year since 1996 on the sidelines of the annual summit.
The council presents their policy recommendations to the leaders ahead of the APEC summit.
At Wednesday′s talks, President Park said fostering the service industry is key to the growth of the Asia-Pacific region.

″President Park stressed the importance of the fostering of the service industry for the growth of the Asia-Pacific region and the creation of jobs for youth and women,… and proposed regulatory reform as a key agenda for the improvement of the service industry.″

She said that since the service industry accounts for two-thirds of the region′s GDP, it is an effective way to create more jobs.
President Park shared Korea′s drive for regulatory reform in promising service sectors like tourism and education.
On the topic of sustainable development, President Park said Korea takes tackling climate change as an opportunity for creating future growth engines.
She referred to South Korea′s self-sufficient island project in Peru… that aims to provide electricity to fruit processing plants with solar power generators and energy storage systems.

″All this comes just a day before Thursday′s APEC summit.
This year, 21 world leaders will put their heads together for ways to build inclusive economies… and will release a joint declaration following the summit.
Hwang Sung-hee, Arirang News, Manila.″,

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