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Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Derek Clark Inspires Business Leaders

Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Derek Clark Inspires Business Leaders, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Derek Clark’sspeech about never giving up. Derek spent 13 years in the foster care system and suffered so much adversity, abuse and rejection. One day he changed my outlook on life and said “I am no longer a victim, I am a victor!” What he thought was once a curse in life became one of his greatest blessings. He was able to transform his thinking and turn his mess into an inspiring message.

We hope you like this video and that it moves you one step closer to having greater inner wealth (courage, determination, creativity, integrity, compassion) and victory in your life.

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His motivational events have been in Australia, Canada, United States and Mexico.

Derek is the author of 6 inspiring books and is also known as the “Rapping Dad” from the viral videos.

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Derek is a popular conference keynote speaker and inspires audiences to never limit life. He shares his inspirational story and the tools he used to overcome limited thinking. As a motivational speaker he speaks on several inspirational and educational topics from never limiting life, employee motivation, the power of tenacity, developing stronger leadership skills, compassion, business, ethics, diversity, communication and increased productivity.

His purpose as a motivational and inspirational speaker is to cultivate drive, responsibility, focus and the courage to take action.

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