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Merkel visits factory with Wen, addresses business leaders

Merkel visits factory with Wen, addresses business leaders, 1. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao walking through factory
2. Tilt down from a tunnel-drilling machine to Merkel and Wen
3. Various of Wen to Merkel posing for photo-op in front of tunnel-drilling machine
4. Wide of Merkel walking away
5. Component of tunnel-drilling machine in operation
6. Merkel and Wen walking upstairs
7. Zoom of Wen and Merkel walking through factory, waving to media
8. Mid of German national flag flying over factory
9. Various of Merkel and Wen meeting businessmen
10. Wide of Merkel speaking at German-Chinese Economic Forum
11. Mid of audience
12. SOUNDBITE: (German) Angela Merkel, German Chancellor:
“China has become Germany’s most important economic partner in the world. In the past year, our trade volume has reached 140 (b) billion euros.”
13. Mid of journalist listening
14. SOUNDBITE: (German) Angela Merkel, German Chancellor:
“China’s rapid development has raised concerns in some parts of the world. But my view on the matter is quite different – precisely because this sort of change will bring opportunities to the people and with it better income, so they can live better. Moreover, China’s own economic development and demand – including those of the people – brings great opportunities for open economies like us. So we think that China’s rapid economic development presents an opportunity to us, just as China sees its own development as an opportunity. We should be creating a win-win situation. China, as a strong economy with a big population, makes an important impact on international cooperation. Precisely because of this, China will be an even greater force in the future, taking up greater responsibility. China’s development actually gives us the opportunity to cooperate, creating a win-win situation.””
15. Mid of journalist listening
16. Wide pan of forum
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and China’s premier toured a German-owned factory in the southern business centre of Guangzhou on Friday.
During their visit to Guangzhou, China’s Premier Wen Jiabao pledged to help Europe fight its debt crisis.
Wen made the comment at a meeting with Merkel and German business people.
The two leaders flew to Guangzhou on Friday after talks in Beijing.
Merkel and Wen visited a factory producing robotic tunnel-drilling machines for the German company Herrenknecht AG.
The company, which employs 850 people in different parts of China, produces machines that bore through rock to construct tunnels with sales in China accounting for one-fifth of its total global sales volume.
Later, in a speech at the German-Chinese Economic Forum, Merkel welcomed the opportunities that accompanied China’s rapid economic expansion.
Merkel’s visit was aimed at reassuring Chinese leaders about Europe’s financial health, but she said her agenda also included human rights and other sensitive issues.
The 27-nation European Union is China’s biggest export market and Beijing’s stake in its financial health is growing as Chinese companies expand there.
Merkel is the first of several European leaders to visit China this month for talks expected largely to focus on the economic crisis.
In Guangzhou, Wen also tried to allay concern about Beijing’s limits on exports of rare earths needed by makers of mobile phones and other high-tech goods.
Business people at the event included CEOs of Volkswagen AG and Siemens AG and the chairman of Chinese personal computer manufacturer Lenovo Group.
China produces the bulk of the world’s rare earths and has alarmed manufacturers by limiting exports while it tries to build up a domestic industry of companies that use them to produce lightweight magnets and other goods.

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