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Leaders of Korea, China meet business leaders

Leaders of Korea, China meet business leaders, And I guess this is one element of the two countries’ economic ties.
In fact, President Xi Jinping followed up his speech at Seoul National University by meeting with Chinese and Korean business leaders…. alongside President Park Geun-hye.
The Korean leader used the opportunity to put forth a three-point vision for the future of Seoul-Beijing economic cooperation.
Choi You-sun has more.
At a forum of Korean and Chinese business leaders alongside her Chinese counterpart, President Park laid out a vision for the future of economic cooperation between the two countries.
Citing economic achievements from their two decades of bilateral ties, the Korean president stressed the need to diversify two-way cooperation from its current focus on the manufacturing sector.
She said Seoul and Beijing should expand exchanges into the service sector, in medicine, cultural contents and finance, and that the direct won-yuan currency trade market that she and President Xi agreed to establish should help spur a new form of cooperation.
President Park also talked about jointly developing and commercializing technologies in areas related to energy, environment and climate change.
Referring to trade relations, the Korean leader said it’s now time to establish a stable trading environment through an FTA and expand the two countries’ reach into each other’s markets.
She also pitched Korea’s trade pacts with 47 nations to Chinese investors, saying that by investing in Korea, they would be extending their reach in the global market.
President Park then proposed linking her Eurasia Initiative of expanding energy and logistics infrastructure across the continent and Beijing’s New Silk Road vision.
She said merging the two would boost Korea and China’s competitive edge.

“In her final remarks to the business leaders, President Park said the future of Korea and China’s co-prosperity lies with their efforts and cooperation between the two governments. Wrapping up their two-day Seoul visit, President Xi and the first lady return to Beijing on this Friday.
Choi You-sun, Arirang News.”

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