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John Shank – Finding Profit Seminar for Business Leaders

John Shank – Finding Profit Seminar for Business Leaders, FINDING PROFIT

Wednesday, April 8th 2015

As a business leader, you are invited to join Finding Profit, an exclusive summit for business leaders pursuing ideas that create improvement and enable profit. In Finding Profit, we will draw from the experience of all attendees to help you find new ways to make your businesses more profitable. You will be engaged in three strategic sessions featuring leaders in accounting, marketing and investment banking.

Engage thought leaders: Three firms have united to fill what they each believe is a gap in our business community. Learning, in an intentional way, among other business leaders who value insights on crafting more profit. We have all been to too many intelligent but impractical to apply learning events. We have all listened to too many speakers who had one goal—promotion of themselves.

Finding Profit includes three engagement sessions, each designed to offer you at least one profound insight that you can take to work and begin using…that day. We are committed to elevating the SMB game in our city, our state, and our region because we believe small business is more than a political punch line but rather the engine that drives our economy.

ACCOUNTING: John Shank will guide a conversation that identifies the 5 most common pitfalls and mistakes that businesses make and how to fix them. These changes will result in improvements of your firm’s performance. Businesses often find themselves struggling to adequately plan for revenues and expenditures. Leaders often worry that components of the accounting system are not functioning appropriately. Come learn about the 5 biggest accounting issues and how your business can avoid being a victim of them!

MARKETING: Sean Doyle of FitzMartin will reframe the sales and marketing conversation and hopefully the way you use marketing as a business tool. This session begins with the assumption that 100% of marketing’s job is to generate revenue, not expenses. That said, we will discuss ways to think about sales and marketing that will bring immediate improvement to your bottom line.

INVESTMENT BANKING: Zane Tarence of Founders Investment Banking has a proven understanding of the traits necessary to build a valuable company, how to close an exceptional deal and when it’s time to exit. He will share some of the 17 traits that are holding back the value of your company.,

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