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Iran’s VP meets French FM, business leaders

Iran’s VP meets French FM, business leaders, Iran’s vice president Massoumeh Ebtekar is in Paris to discuss a range of issues with French authorities. Ebtekar, who also heads Iran’s environment protection organization, has particularly focused on ways to promote bilateral cooperation on ecology in her talks with the French foreign minister.

This December France will host the most ambitious international conference on climate change since the Kyoto meetings in 1997. Ambitions are high, because the environmental situation demands it.

Ebtekar also met with France’s union of bosses and business leaders to discuss economic opportunities for French companies. Last year a delegation of more than 100 French firms visited Iran to display their interest.

The Vice-President and the Foreign Minister also discussed the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear energy program.Iran and P5+1 have until July to hammer out a final comprehensive deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

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