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Incoming Economics Minister Lee Shih-guang meets business leaders

Incoming Economics Minister Lee Shih-guang meets business leaders, Minister of Economic Affairs-designate Lee Shih-guang has been busy ahead of taking office on May 20, visiting business associations to get a better understanding of the needs of the private sector. Negative GDP growth over the past three quarters may keep growth in 2016 below one percent, testing Lee’s economic management skills.Lee Shih-guangEconomics Minister-designateStimulating the economy is the absolute top priority of our country, and the purpose of the Economics Ministry is to help Taiwan’s producers. We will give it our all.With Taiwan’s economy still sluggish, Lee visited the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce where local business leaders expressed their hopes for the new administration.Lin Por-fong CNAIC ChairmanIt will be hard to achieve 1 percent GDP growth, but we hope that at least we can manage positive growth.Douglas HsuFar Eastern Group ChairmanThe word “doomed” isn’t in our vocabulary. We hope that the new government and new minister of economic affairs will lead us and continue to push forward.The discussions also touched on tax reform, a critical issue for business groups.Lin Por-fong CNAIC ChairmanThere are currently a few taxes that have led to animosity against business and the wealthy. This isn’t right. The tax system should work to expand the tax base. We favor a fair tax system.The business association was only the first stop for Lee, who went on to visit the General Chamber of Commerce and the Chinese National Federation of Industries in his search for a way to reverse prevailing economic stagnation.,

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