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Business Leadership: The power of hanging in

Business Leadership: The power of hanging in, Twenty-nine years ago a young, inexperienced Bruce Morgan came out of the army and started working for a big listed company as national sales manager … today he owns that company.

What’s more, he and his partner have grown their company GreatSoft into a globally-competitive player, offering unique cloud-based products and solutions for the accounting profession.

When asked about his formula for success, this CEO recalls that one of his biggest lessons actually came when competing in the notoriously tough Berg River Canoe Marathon. The race was incredibly challenging that year, so challenging that an Iron Man winner dropped out 20 kilometres before the finish line. But Morgan and his teammate hung in through sheer white-knuckled determination and to their surprise actually finished.

It was a lesson that became pivotal in the growth of GreatSoft – through incredibly hard times – and today is referred to within the company as ‘the hanging in’.

In this video extract Morgan speaks about those tough times; how the team managed to ‘hang in’ when it lost half its clients and had to retrench over half its staff; and how they subsequently grew the company to become the winner of the inaugural FNB Business Innovation Award in 2015.

We’ll be publishing the exclusive full, half-hour interview in which he reveals the whole of his inspired leadership journey on Wednesday June 8 on Moneyweb, here:

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