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“Business Leaders: The Bottom Line” moderated by Margaret Spellings

“Business Leaders: The Bottom Line” moderated by Margaret Spellings, Business Leaders: The Bottom Line

Businesses big and small live the reality established by state tax policies — and act on it, sometimes dramatically, by voting with their feet. Listen to a dynamic panel of leaders in the business world talk about why they make the decisions they do.

Margaret Spellings
President, US Forum for Policy Innovation

Jimmy John Liautaud
CEO and Founder, Jimmy John’s

James North
President, Jimmy John’s

William G. Little
President and CEO, Quam-Nichols Company

Bruce Rauner
Chairman, GTCR LLC

About the event

On Tuesday, September 18, the Illinois Policy Institute teamed up with the George W. Bush Institute to host a special event as part of the Bush Institute’s 4% Growth Project.

The event featured several provocative panel discussions on tax policy, economic growth, and how we can get our state’s fiscal house in order.

Speakers included: Jimmy John Liautad, Gov. Mitch Daniels, Bruce Rauner, James North, John Tillman, Michael Hicks, Kristina Rasmussen, Bruce Rauner, Hon. James Glassman, David G. Booth, Hon. Edward Lazear, Dan Proft, Ike Brannon, John Cochrane, Aaron Schock, Brian Wesbury,,

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