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Brain State Basics for Business Leaders: Mindfulness in Action

Brain State Basics for Business Leaders: Mindfulness in Action, Get FREE Tips for Mindfulness in Action here:

Understanding Your Brain States can really help you improve your performance at work and in life. This video outlines which ones are favourable, and which ones are not helping you. The full range from Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta are covered.

Concentration is essential for high performance, especially for leaders. Click on the link in the Cards for the video for a short quiz to see how you rate.

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Here is a recap of this video:

01:25.0 How to change your Brain States
01:45.0 Why should I change my Brain State?
02:25.0 The different kinds of Brain States
03:00.0 Beta Brain State
05:00.0 Alpha Brain State
05:55.0 Accessing your super focus zone
07:30.0 Super-learning in your high Alpha Brain State
08:47.0 Theta Brain State
10:37.0 Delta Brain State


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