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Yahoo! Finance News – HSBC, Finance, Ruth Stroppiana, Deutsche Telekom

Yahoo! Finance News – HSBC, Finance, Ruth Stroppiana, Deutsche Telekom, HSBC boss can do more to cut bank down to size
HSBC’s sale of a stake in a Korean insurer last month was made with little fanfare, just one of 52 deals struck or businesses closed in the last two years by Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver, and analysts are expecting more.*http%3A//*http%3A//

Limited banking union can buy time, German finance minister writes
Germany’s finance minister has called for a “two-step approach” towards European banking union, writing that a limited “timber-framed” union, set up without changing European treaties, would buy time to create a future “steel-framed” union.*http%3A//*http%3A//

Mixed signals for the global economy
A flood of data this week will paint a mixed picture of the global economy, with belt-tightening continuing to dampen activity in the euro zone, but accommodative policies helping to stimulate growth in Japan.*http%3A//*http%3A//

Deutsche Telekom says U.S. listing helps it “attack” rivals
Deutsche Telekom has given its U.S. operations more autonomy, positioning its business to compete better with bigger and smaller rivals, Chief Executive Rene Obermann told A german newspaper*http%3A//*http%3A//,

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