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Yahoo! Finance News – Dell Inc, United States, Dow Jones

Yahoo! Finance News – Dell Inc, United States, Dow Jones, Dell’s Special Committee Defends Sale of Company
A special committee of Dell Inc’s board of directors said the pending sale of the PC maker was the best alternative for shareholders, despite opposition from its largest outside shareholder.*http%3A//*http%3A//

US stock market isn’t the only one racing ahead
U.S. stocks are not alone in racing ahead this year. Many markets in Europe and Asia are trading at multi-year highs, too, in part because of Wall Street’s rally.The advances in some places have been surprising, …*http%3A//*http%3A//

Markets Keep Rising After Dow Hits Record High
The Dow’s new all-time high and better economic data from the United States propelled world markets Wednesday, with European stocks hitting a four-year high.*http%3A//*http%3A//,

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