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Life Updates | 20K | New Hair | New Business Venture

Life Updates | 20K | New Hair | New Business Venture, Hey there! The reason behind this video is because I am always 100% honest with you guys, OBVI!
I’m just a girl chasing her dreams…
I hope in a way this gives you some motivation to chase yours and be proactive in your life and DO something you WANT!
I’m super excited with what 2015 has to bring 🙂

Thank YOU for everything you have given me and motivating me to keep going, I appreciate it and love it more than you will ever know.

Thank you for being understanding. Sometimes I try and commit to certain things and then they end up being late or don’t happen which makes me so disappointed in myself but I do work full time and this year is most definitely going to test me. Working, two Youtube channels and Runway Room… ugh! but I have to keep going to say that I have honestly tried my best!

Just in case you were after more information on Runway Room, you can email me in regards to it
I didn’t want to say it in the video and sound pushy, but I can provide you with more info on it if you are wanting to know 🙂 It’s all based in Melbourne and they even have an academy which gives you a start to becoming a freelance MUA which is really impressive!

Thanks so much for your time, LOVE YOU!!!

oxo Crystal

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