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Financial News – Stock Market News – Business Updates – February 4, 2015

Financial News – Stock Market News – Business Updates – February 4, 2015, – Visit us for the latest market updates!

Stock markets have been on the rise these past several days even as concerns over the global economy have continued to mount. Meanwhile, factory orders were down in the United States, shrinking by three point four percent in December, and consumer spending remains stagnant.

Despite these challenges, most companies have been turning in excellent quarterly numbers. Apple, Boeing, and many more companies have all met and exceeded expectations. At the same time tensions over Greece are beginning to subside as Greece has begun to soften its stance on its debt burden.

Given the strength of markets and our belief that the global economy will recover from these brief bumps in the road, we’re going to offer up some hot stocks that we believe will continue to outperform.

LiveDeal is looking like a great stock. The company recently announced that the number of deals on its online platform have grown by more than four thousand since the fourth quarter of two thousand fourteen. LiveDeal also sponsored Super Bowl advertising and is working on a national commercial campaign.

If you don’t have LiveDeal in your portfolio, you need to add them now before prices skyrocket!

Another stock we love is Twitter. This immensely popular social media network looks undervalued right now, and we believe that shares are a good bargain. Twitter recently announced that it will launch partnerships with other online media platforms to promote tweets outside of its own network.

We believe this will pay off big for Twitter and help the company establish itself as one of the internet’s leading advertising platforms.

Last but certainly not least is Dataram. We’ve been recommending this stock for some time and with stock prices having climbed by more than 40% since the start of the year, it’s easy to see why.

Dataram recently hired a new CEO, Dave Moylan, and the company is now looking to cut costs and focus on delivering value to investors. Dataram is a great company, and with a new CEO in charge, we believe stock prices are going to steadily climb in the future. If you’re looking for great returns, Dataram is an excellent stock that belongs in your portfolio.,

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