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The Pros and Cons of the Pre-Budget Report – Property Investment News

The Pros and Cons of the Pre-Budget Report – Property Investment News, We’ll take a look at today’s pre-budget report and the sensational headlines that follows.

Why Vince Cable called the report ‘a good budget for bingo and boilers’? What has bingo or boilers got to do with the PBR?

Will the PBR win Labour their next election or gamble their future away? We’ll highlight the main points from the report – show you how this will affect our spending and savings, and why most of us will be nearly £90 to £190 worse off.

There are some good news however… bingo tax is cut by 2% (don’t ask me how this will make a difference to the economy), bank loans made easier for small businesses due to the extension of EFG, and the government is finally putting money into teaching us about money.

The question I have… is the PBR out to win votes for Labour or is it to solve Britain’s ongoing debt issue? As always if you have any questions or want to have a chat about current opportunities call the team on 0207 812 1255.

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