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Impact Investment News VLOG for May 15th 2016 (12m)

Impact Investment News VLOG for May 15th 2016 (12m), Hi I am Alcanne Houtzaager, and I blog about impact investing focusing on inclusive impact investing so not just institutional investors & billionaires but for small private investors & crowdfunders for impact.

I blog in Dutch, but as most of the materials I review are in English, I vlog to open up the content of the blog for you so you can explore the original articles & publications for yourself.

May 15th 2016 blog offers the English Masters thesis on Public Equity Impact Investing by Leonieke Blaauwgeers at Erasmus University, MSc Economics spec. Financial Economic.
Stanford Social Innovation Review on Institutional Impact Invetsirs role, Dr Edward de Bono new book: ”Thinking to Create Value’, Sinzer integrates sustainable development goals in its online impact metrics platform, Broad & Deep Impact (English visual in Dutch) and my de Bono inspired verb Alcanne Absurd lets change to a new normative economitry and integrate validation of impactsectors in the ESG system.

If you have questions comments or want to pick my brain, don’t hesitate to contact me, preferably through Twitter: @alcanne or LinkedIn Alcanne.Houtzaager,

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