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Gold Investors Should ‘Sit & Wait’ For Bullish Play – Investment Expert | Kitco News

Gold Investors Should ‘Sit & Wait’ For Bullish Play – Investment Expert | Kitco News, Gold prices have been stuck in a range for a while and Kitco News brings back Sara Nunnally to get her technical outlook on the market. She says that although momentum is building in gold, more is needed to push prices above the key area of ,200 an ounce. She adds gold is suffering because investors are “dithering” in the marketplace over an eventual interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve. “We have not had a hard and fast ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on a rate hike by the end of the year… They are easing folks into it and that means, in some people’s minds, that the decision has not been made yet and could go either way,” she says. “You are going to see prices fluctuate a bit until that point where they say ‘yes we are going to raise rates…” Personally, Nunnally said that although September is the most likely data liftoff data, she believes the Fed should be preparing to hike rates in June. She adds that economic data has been much better than expected. Tune in now to see what levels she is looking at for gold. Kitco News, May 27, 2015.

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