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10 Great Leaders Who Had A Crazy Dark Side

10 Great Leaders Who Had A Crazy Dark Side, From secret racists to mass murderers, learn the truth about Gandhi and mother Teresa. Sometimes people have no idea they’re idolizing a monster. Is your favorite leader on this list? Time to learn something pointless.

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10) Gandhi –
(So Gandhi wasn’t all good. Turns out he was a massive racist. A pervert too) More info:

9) king abdullah of saudi arabia –
(Hailed as a reformer, this brutal dictator wasn’t soft on women. Especially not his own daughters) more info:

(Turns out she wasn’t much of a saint. A friend to brutal dictators and an ememy of the sick) more info:

7) Margaret Thatcher –
(She destroyed the lives of many working class people. she also protected a child molester?) more info:

6) Henry Kissinger –
(The man hailed as a peace loving humanitarian is responsible for the deaths of thousands) more info:

5) Che Guevara –
(He was little more than a brutal fascist. He liked black people least of all) more info:

4) Nelson Mandela –
(He and his wife used to advocate terrorism…an awful lot) more info:

3) The Dalai Lama –
(So this guy wasn’t exactly nice to his own people when he was a crazy dictator) more info:

2) Barack Obama –
(His drone strikes are destroying whole communities in Pakistan and Yemen) more info:

1) Steve Jobs –
(Apple co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobbs, was ruthless in business and life.) more info:

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