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Sacha Romanovitch – Challenges Facing Business Leaders Today

Sacha Romanovitch – Challenges Facing Business Leaders Today, Sacha (CEO, Grant Thornton UK) began with the story of her 8 year old son, who asked whether she knew about the African farmers who only received 5p per £1 for chocolate they made, or the 5 brands with more money than the world’s 46 poorest countries. When she replied that she did know, her son asked ‘Well what are you going to do about it?’

She then discussed how the very real issues facing the world today, such as climate change, will affect the long-term success of business. ‘We can either choose to sit back and wait for others to solve problems, or to step forward and be part of the solution.’ But these problems can’t be solved by any individual or single organisation, just as a single voice doesn’t have the power of a choir. We need collaboration.

A Blueprint for Better Business exists to support and challenge business to be a force for good. It does this by encouraging companies to operate true to a purpose that serves society, respects the dignity of people and thereby generates a fair return for responsible investors.



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