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Russian FM holds meeting with European business leaders

Russian FM holds meeting with European business leaders, Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, the Association of European Businesses or AEB has been strongly concerned by its implications on the investment climate.
It has also been worried about the consequences for the European businesses of the economic sanctions that the EU and Russia have imposed and might impose in the near future. Philippe Pegorier, the Chairman of the Board of AEB said that sanctions on Russia will backfire on US and the EU. According to Sergey Lavrov, European leaders have supported the “party of war” in Kiev, ignoring the interests of their own people. But Moscow opposes confrontation with the West and a refusal to cooperate is not an option either for Russia or for Europe. Lavrov mentioned that Moscow made no political decision to push foreign business out of Russia. Many AEB members do business in both Russia and Ukraine and have first-hand business experience in this region. During the meeting the businessmen said they want to estimate the impact of the sanctions and to remain a bridge between the EU and Russia in difficult political situation. The Association of European Businesses considers that promoting growth remains crucial. The AEB says the EU and Russian economies are highly interdependent and that is why the association remains opposed to any economic sanctions and views de-escalation of ten sions between Russia and west as vital.

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