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LikesXL and LikesXL Bitcoin: April 21 Updates – Twin Towers: Premium Business Strategy

LikesXL and LikesXL Bitcoin: April 21 Updates – Twin Towers: Premium Business Strategy, More LikesXL Info:
LikesXL Bitcoin Register FREE:

LikesXL Bitcoin World Registration. Launched April 18.

Use the link above to register for the newly launched LikesXL Bitcoin World Platform.

What to do now:

1. Open a bitcoin account. An easy place to do so is Coinbase:

Another good option, which is used by many rev share companies, is Coin Processor:

2. Give your LikesXL Bitcoin link to your members and prospects. It is free to join, and you can build a team 5 levels deep and get paid on their ad pack purchases.

3. Funding started April 18th, so fund your Bitcoin account, and be ready to fund your LikesXL Bitcoin account, as you will need to buy a membership and buy ad packs (called PR packs in LikesXL Bitcoin).

This is an entirely separate business from the main LikesXL Business.

You WILL want to be a part of this. With all the rev shares out there opening up and closing down left and right, LikesXL Bitcoin has the same security and same operations as the highly reputable LikesXL!

Doesn’t it pay to have double the income stream and double the security?

LikeXL is a great company. More Information on LikesXL:

For More Info on joining us in LikesXL (not the new Bitcoin company):

If you would like to consider using MasteringAds also for marketing your LikesXL and/or LikesXL Bitcoin business, here are two links below, one using the Power Lead System, and one using just the MasteringAds system:

MasteringAds Power System:



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