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World’s Youngest Billionaires

World’s Youngest Billionaires, It seems like the only way to break into the Young Billionaire Club is to be born into it or drop out of college! These are 10 of the youngest billionaires in the world.

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7.Anton Kathrein
COMPANY: Kathrein – Werke
NET WORTH: .7 Billion

Just like many other Billionaires, Anton inherited the company his grandfather created back in 1919. It is a company that manufactures antenna systems and related electronics. Considering it is the world’s largest and oldest antenna company and has survived 2 World Wars, the estimated value of 1.8 Billion dollars is not too crazy.

Anton enjoys a simple life in the city he was born in, he has two children and is happily married. Judging by the picture, I would never guess that he is worth more than a small country !

6. Nathan Blecharczyk
AGE: 31
NET WORTH: .9 Billion

With his estimated net worth of around 2 billion dollars, Nathan doesn’t even break the 1000 richest people in the world list ! Poor guy ! If he ever decided to sell his share in AIRBNB he would surely break into the Top 500, considering the company is valued anywhere from to Billion.

5. Elizabeth Holmes
COMPANY: Theranos
NET WORTH: .6 Billion

Elizabeth got into Stanford University and abruptly decided to drop out so she can work on her company, Theranos, full time. She might disappear from this list just as quickly as she appeared because of recent scrutiny of the company. Theranos claim to have developed a blood – testing device that only needs a few drops of blood, compared to the standard method of using full vials.

With over 0 Million invested in the company so far, no product has been released and things are not looking good.

4. Scott Duncan
COMPANY: Enterprise Products
NET WORTH: Billion

This guy is an enigma, no pictures of him are available anywhere, some question if he really does exist.

Scott inherited his fortune from his father’s oil and natural gas pipeline company. In the last year, his net worth has grown by more than a Billion Dollars due to rising stock prices and favorable oil markets in Texas.

His company owns a total of 51,000 miles in pipelines, around 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage, numerous drilling platforms,and 26 natural gas processing plants. The company itself is valued at over Billion.

3. Julio Mario Santo Domingo III
AGE: 30
COMPANY: Sheik ‘n’ Beik Entertainment
NET WORTH: .3 Billion

Julio is the heir of the Santo Domingo family fortune which at one point included Columbia’s largest brewery. He was born in Arizona and raised in Switzerland. Nowadays he lives in a 4 million dollar apartment located in Manhattan.

Julio has not been involved directly with the family business but he has reaped the rewards of it. He has been DJing for a career and got a History Degree from the University of Boston. He reportedly was invited to DJ at an event hosted by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, what a life !

2. Tatiana Casiraghi
COMPANY: Heiress and Socialite
NET WORTH: .5 Billion

You will never guess Tatiana’s maiden name ! SANTO, DOMINGO ! She is the sister of Julio and is now happily married into the Royal Family of Monaco. She is a philanthropist at heart, and has also started a fashion venture called the Muzungu Sisters.

1. Evan Spiegel
AGE: 25
COMPANY: Snapchat
NET WORTH: .1 Billion

Even though his wikipedia page puts Evan’s net worth at a measly 2 billion dollars, the social media giant that he created is valued at around 20 billion dollars. Spiegel and his business partner Bobby Murphy, who is also a billionaire, have refused all buy out offers for Snapchat and have decided to run the company by themselves.

His go getter attitude can be attributed to his parents, who are both lawyers. He dropped out of Stanford University shortly before completing his degree in Design. On a side note, he suggested his idea of Snapchat as a class project in his product design class

He is also dating Miranda Kerr… lucky guy.

It seems like the only way to break into the Young Billionaire Club is to be born into it or drop out of college !,

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