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Weekly Real Estate Investment News – December 14 2015

Weekly Real Estate Investment News – December 14 2015, Topics covered in this week’s real estate news recap:

Investing in Rentals Locally vs. From Afar: Which is REALLY a Better Strategy?
On the flip side (such a great pun considering the industry!), if you are happy as a duck and sleeping like an angel because you feel so good about your investing methods that you don’t have a stress in the world, I will never contend with that! You could be losing money with the investing you are doing, but if it is what makes you happy and keeps you at minimal stress levels, then I will still support you. I think this is such a big message that gets lost in the chaos: REI should be enjoyable! There will always be stress and mistakes and lessons learned, but at the end of the day, there is no reason you shouldn’t be enjoying what you do.

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