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LSD trip: Silicon Valley professionals using LSD microdoses to boost their creativity – TomoNews

LSD trip: Silicon Valley professionals using LSD microdoses to boost their creativity – TomoNews, SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA — Silicon Valley is famous globally for its tech innovation, but just what fuels the creativity?

Forget meditation, listening to music, brainstorming with colleagues, or surrounding yourself with happy colors and images to boost your creativity, LSD is what some Silicon Valley workers are using for their creative highs, Rolling Stone reports.

“You’re doing a task you normally couldn’t stand for two hours, but you do it for three or four,” Dr. James Fadiman, a psychologist who extensively researched the effects of psychedelics told Vice. “You eat properly. Maybe you do one more set of reps. Just a good day. That seems to be what we’re discovering.”

For best results, Fadiman advises that people microdose every fourth morning, then get on with their daily schedule.

Some people reported to feel awesome, more energetic, creative and productive. Some women have even cured their painful period cramps, VICE reports.

“You would be surprised at how many people are actually doing it,” a worker for a startup in San Francisco told Rolling Stone. “It’s crazy awesome.”

But others have had bad trips or felt depressed and anxious after their microdosing cycle ended.


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